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ASD Management is a national surgery center management, development and consulting firm.

From our origins, we’ve managed 100s of ASCs and made a lasting mark in the industry. Our focus on management of day-to-day operations results in exceptional patient care and long-term profitability. Physician joint ventures with hospitals and health care systems are our forte.


Our comprehensive surgery center management generates high quality patient care, optimized revenue, profitability and sustainable growth.


Joseph S. Zasa JD

Managing Partner

Kelly Grier

Senior Vice President

We are experts in the 4 critical areas of surgery center management: clinical operations, business office, risk management and payer contracting. Our team is experienced in operations and facility management, business operations, revenue growth, marketing to physicians, certification and accreditation, licensing, payer negotiations, contracting, staffing and nursing.

Publisher of the 1st Comprehensive Book on ASCs

In its 3rd Edition

A systematic approach for surgery center development and management. Written by professionals who have operated successful centers across the U.S. since the mid-1980s. Based on their knowledge, practices and systems, all proven in the field and continuously refined to meet the challenges of health care.

Co-published by the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association. Part of the curriculum of UAB School of Health Sciences Health Administration.

Insightful, practical, entertaining.

Expand your understanding of ASC operations—whether you’re new or a veteran in the game, a student or teacher.

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