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Successful Hospital/Physician Partnerships

As a hospital administrator, you understand success in an ASC requires aligning with your physicians. ASD Management is expert at this. We have a history of success in structuring, marketing and managing physician-driven ASCs to generate revenue, decrease costs and leverage the hospital’s yield from payer and other contracts. Our unique foundation in hospital administration complements our expertise in joint ventures, ASC development and management for success.

Seize Opportunities in Your Market

  • Gain the highest return from providers, payers, 3rd party administrators, ACOs, workers comp and the new exchanges.
  • Generate success from within through the right mix of physician specialties and effective operational structure.
  • Enjoy long-lasting profitability through continuous management and national benchmarks for efficiency, compliance and patient satisfaction.

Bring value to your health system

  • Greater affiliation with your physicians
  • Expand payer and business networks
  • Grow your market share and increase patient preference
  • Operate your ASC less expensively and more profitably
  • Complement your capabilities with specialized surgery center expertise

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