ASC Turnarounds

Turnaround for Profitability

Transform your struggling ASC into a profitable business by focusing on the essentials: day-to-day management, clinical operations, return on payer and other contracts, staffing, accounting, receivables and inventory. Generate new revenue by adding relevant services, recruiting physicians, increasing physician volume, reorganizing your legal structure and adding investors.

Our Services will Transform Your ASC

  • Redesign the legal, ownership and organizational structure.
  • Audit and revamp outpatient services, patient processing, management systems, clinical operations and business office.
  • Increase managed care and payer performance: analyze return on contracts and payment history, then use date to renegotiate more favorable terms and fees.
  • Analyze and implement strategies to grow market driven services: physician utilization and referrals, patient preference through marketing, web site and public relations.
  • Implement marketing plan to bring in new physician business and investment.
  • Implement an effective management plan with ongoing leadership, accountabilities and incentives to ensure success.

Because we believe every center is ripe for some turnaround to boost profitability, we continuously analyze each of our centers. We bring fresh eyes to business and clinical operations, finances, policies, practices and systems, contracts, medical services, physician volume and recruitment.

At ASD Management, our turnarounds are legendary.