ASD Management’s Randy Todorovich Receives Award

The California Association of Ambulatory Surgery Associations (CASA) has awarded The Richard LeBlanc Award to Randy Todorovich, ASD Management Senior Vice President of Managed Care. Originally called “The President’s Award,” the honor is given to a CASA member who has given tirelessly to the volunteer organization, above the call of duty. The award has been given only 11 times in CASA’s 30-year history.

CASA President Deborah Miller made the award to Todorovich on September 5 at the 2018 CASA Conference in Huntington Beach, CA. President Miller acknowledged Todorovich’s active leadership role and committed volunteerism in the development of relationships between the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) association and managed care industries throughout California.

“The ASC industry owes many of the strides it’s made forward to (Randy’s) efforts,” stated President Miller. “He has been instrumental in developing payer relationships, and is now working toward engaging the large employer community to discuss (health premium) benefit design and the advantage of utilizing the ASC model. At times these conversations have been difficult, but Randy remains the consummate gentleman, and his character and mild demeanor are a credit to this success.”

CASA is a leading and pro-active volunteer organization in the ambulatory surgery industry, with a mission of advancing communications and education, appropriate legislative and regulatory actions, and continuous enhancement of excellence in the ASC industry as it embraces the challenges of the 21st century.

“We believe strongly in forging relationship with health plans, payers and other health related entities so they understand the value of surgery centers,” said Todorovich. “Over the years, they have come to understand not only the value of surgery centers, but also the resources that CASA offers in advancing quality and cost-effective health care delivery.”

Through Todorvich’s leadership, CASA has staged executive level conferences bringing together health plans, large surgery center companies and business groups on health, where they can meet face-to-face about key issues on all sides. “This really helped educate us all,” he said, “and now, after 10 years, the health plans find ASCs a viable part of the health delivery chain.”

Todorovich, along with other CASA Board members, is now focusing on developing relationships between surgery centers and large employers with self-funded health plans. CASA is developing objective data to demonstrate that ASCs are not only a lower cost alternative to hospitals, but are also the highest quality provider for non-urgent, outpatient procedures. “The quality piece of the puzzle,” Todorovich said, “is critically important to employers.”

Todorovich’s volunteerism on behalf of the industry dovetails his role at ASD Management, where he promotes and maintains relationships between the firm’s surgery centers and the managed care providers with which they contract. “Through CASA, I have had the good fortune to work with executive level professionals of the health plans, and these connections and resources broaden what I can bring to our surgery centers.”

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